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Life Is a Journey to be Remembered

Let us help you create a memorial that tells the story of your loved one in your way. Design and order an enduring granite memorial from Shafer Memorials today. 
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Many Memorial Options

From single and double units to shaped units and more, you have ample options to choose from. We also provide memorial benches and
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Custom Hand Crafted Memorials for Your Loved Ones

Our crafting is done in-house by family members and trusted employees. Contact us today to discuss your memorial needs for your loved ones. We will be happy to serve you. 
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Throughout time, people have chosen to commemorate the lives of those they loved and respected. The creation of a monument has been the most common form of remembrance.

When the time comes to commemorate the life of someone very special, or perhaps to plan ahead for yourself, many factors should be considered. You will be purchasing something that, quite literally, will last forever. The monument we help you create may very well serve as a source of historical data for future generations. This is a purchase that should be made with great care and consideration. 

This is something that my family can assist you with, we let you take your time and will never pressure you.
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