Cremation Memorials

Diverse Cremation Options

At Shafer Memorials, we can provide you with a variety of options for the inurnment of cremains of your family members and loved ones. Check out the images below along with their descriptions to learn more about our wide range of cremation products. 

Granite Pillars

Granite Pillars have become a popular method of cremation inurnment. They are available in a variety of shapes and colors.
Granite pillars


A bench has long been a preferred way to mark a grave. It allows everyone visiting their loved ones to have a special place where they can sit and be with the deceased. At Shafer Memorials, we can incorporate the cremains inside the bench supports, where they are securely sealed.

Designs That Hold Cremains

This design shows a cremation liner inserted through the granite. The liner is sealed with the cremains inside it. The bronze cap is then secured into the granite with one-way screws that cannot be removed.

Grave Options

You may own one grave and wish for your cremains to eventually be buried there along with those of your spouse. To serve this need, we can provide you with monument choices that are thin, tall designs. They allow us to incorporate both names / dates onto one grave width. Shapes, sizes, and colors for these options are almost limitless!

Granite Cremation Niche Units

These beautiful units have granite panels that can be moved to place cremation urns and keepsakes inside before the unit is sealed. Some are offered with an open area, where a statue, a vase, or a candle can be placed. We will engrave the name / date information on the front, along with the desired artwork or verses.
Cremation products

Memorial Butterflies

These different sized and shaped butterfly plaques are a nice touch in any space, even if your loved one's cremains or body are not buried there. They make lovely additions to a gravesite or a garden.
Memorial butterflies

Single Grave Options

Granite pillars


Designs that hold cremains

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Steps to creating a beautiful memorial for your loved one:

1. Know your cemetery rules
2. View granite colors
3. Select a shape and style
4. Provide inscription information
5. Personalize with artwork
6. Choose a reputable memorialist who provides guaranteed work, and shows longevity to follow through with that guarantee
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