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For over 98 years, the business has been located at 1023 North Main in Mitchell, SD. The family-owned business has always had the office in their home. The garage and shop were a combination until 1979 when a new and modern shop was built on West 11th street, just across the alley from the home and office. The new shop area is where the units are engraved now. The office display is still on North Main, just 5 blocks north of the Corn Palace. The office has been enlarged and remodeled many times over the years to fit the growing business.

The first generation of Shafer Memorials began engraving by hand chiseling the letters into the granite, followed by a pneumatic machine. Today, to do shape carving of flowers and leaves or rounded designs, a mixture of air and sand is forced through a hose and nozzle guided by skilled hands.

The units kept in stock are brought back from the quarries cut and polished, but the process of designing and engraving is completed in the office and shop by a Shafer family member.  

All these years not only have the Shafer men completed the engraving but also the placement of the units at the cemeteries. The first erecting crews were mule teams, which then progressed to a truck with carts and manual leverage. Later an automatic hoist was added.

Awards and Recognition

We have generations of excellent customer service and customizable memorials. In 2011, we were named Family Business of the Year in Mitchell, SD. In 2012, we were named the runner-up for the Vickie Clarke Prairie Family Business of the Year, out of 16 competing businesses.

We are highly honored to have received these recognitions that pay tribute to our 98 years of serving the community.

"See what you buy"

At Shafer Memorials, we carry a large inventory, so that you are always able to choose the size and type of granite in person and not just from a picture in a sales catalog. We are able to provide this physical display since we do in-house engraving. See and touch before you buy!
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