Remembrance Lites and Vases

Decorate Your Loved One's Gravesite With Lights and Vases

Beautify the 􀃖nal resting place of your loved one with a memorial light, a candle, or a vase from family-owned Shafer Memorials.

You can choose between our synthetic finish vases, cast iron vases with bronze or pewter coloring, marble or granite.
Memorial vase
Remembrance light

Remembrance Lites

These lites use a special candle that will burn for approximately 5-6 days. You can also replace the candle with a solar or battery-powered candle for long-term lighting.

Remembrance lites must be set appropriately so that the candle can burn to its maximum. They come with a yard stake but work best when attached to a granite base or cement foundation.

Red Globe Remembrance Lite (shown on a granite 6" post to keep level and off of ground for cemetery maintenance)
Remembrance lites


These are wax candles with an outdoor wick. They can be used with Remembrance lites at gravesites. They are available only by pickup in our Mitchell, SD office. It is cost prohibitive for us to ship them.

Solar-powered candles
These candles will light up when it is dark outside and will turn off when it is bright outside. Only one rechargeable AA battery is required inside the candle unit that will last for approximately 1 year.

Battery-powered candles
Like solar-powered candles, these candles will light up when it is dark outside and will turn off when it is bright outside. They use 3 AA batteries that last approximately for 3 months.

Sentimental Saddle

This unit comes in two pieces: 

1. It attaches with pressure to the top of the monument.
2. It is the top cap that can be removed with a lock and key. This is where you attach your florist foam and do your flower arrangement. You can then just take it out to the cemetery and lock it back into place.
Sentimental saddles
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